Marchio - Comunicazione relazionale

communicating with children and teenagers

a training course aimed at all teachers, educators and parents!

Watch an extract in which the course teacher Dr. Filippo Rossi explains the difference between the 3 Types of Communication!

Anyone who lives in contact with children and teenagers on a daily basis knows that dealing with them entails great responsibility.

To communicate effectively with children and teenagers you need to develop these 3 skills:


Understanding how the child communicates.


Learning to be fully responsible for your communication!


Helping the learner bring out the best in them without doing things for them.

This is what you will receive by participating in this training course:

The online training video course
You will receive a comprehensive video course that explains all the key aspects of successful communication with children and teenagers step by step!

Free participation in a live event at your choosing
If you wish, you can spend 3 hours with an experienced trainer who will guide you in acquiring all the basic tools of Relational Communication!

Complete Guide
At the end of the course you will receive a complete and comprehensive guide with further useful insights.